Marengo Sesquicentennial
July 2 – 5, 2009

Welcome to the Marengo, IA Sesquicentennial Website. We’re glad you’re here!

Four days of exciting events are planned. Music, food, history, tours, and much more are in store for visitors during the celebration.

Volunteers are needed for several committees. Contact us for details

Sesquicentennial Products

T-Shirts, Cookbooks, and Calendars.


Place To Stay In the Marengo Area
Sesquicentennial Quilt

The quilt for our 150th birthday is under way. We are still in need of quilters (with some experience) to help us do the quilting. A quilt-a-thon is in the planning. For details call Dayle Jensen 642-3662. We also have musicians wanted desperately to play at our summer events.

We are also having a quilt show on May 23-24. If you have a quilt you would like to enter please call Dayle Jensen for an entry form. Quilts can be old, new, hand quilted, machine quilted, wall hangings, table runners, etc. This show will include door prizes, contests, scavenger hunt, and more. Dayle is waiting to hear from you. Don’t wait until the last minute as space may be limited.

Friday May 1, you may have heard laughter and giggling coming from the fellowship hall at the Presbyterian Church. Twelve ladies gathered to have an old fashioned quilting bee, now know as “the Quilt-a-thon”. The first stitches were made about 11:30 a.m. Those quilting, were Betty McGivern, Marvel Schafbuch, Marjorie Sherman, Doris Derby, Ruth Hahn, Jackie Peterson, Karen Joseph, Barb McKusker, Lori Foster, Vivian Cronbaugh, Dayle Jensen, and Jan Waddell. These women represent quilters from the Presbyterian, Catholic, Lutheran, and Kosta churches and also from Iowa County Heartland Quilters Guild.

The quilt made, is to be raffled off at the Sesquicentennial in July. The quilt was designed and pieced by Dayle Jensen. It is a pictoral story of what Marengo is…. It is 64×64, a nice size for a wall quilt or a throw.

The last stitch was made about 2:30 a.m. and a very tired group went home and straight to bed.

Binding is being put on the quilt now. Pictures of the finished product can be seen here

Decorating for the Sesquicentennial

Our thoughts are turning to spring and what to do out in the yards—-
Remember the red-white and blue theme for the 150th celebration this year. Think about those flower beds and pots to support our community celebration. So let’s paint and plant the town…RED, WHITE AND BLUE!

Watch this section for further updates and ideas for your garden spots.

Mules, horses and teams, Teamsters and riders Click Here

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