There are lots of musicians wanted for our summer season occasions. We will call for musicians, bassists, percussionists, keyboardists/pianists, any type of musicians wanted for that upcoming summer shows.

You’ll be required to understand our own fixed setlist associated with tunes, including 60′s vintage stone to present day indie. We will provide you with complete manuscripts as well as guidelines relating to towards the tracks, thus even if you simply possess a small amount of songs theory you ought to be in a position to pick up the actual tracks fairly quickly and easily.

Performers can also be necessary, and definitely will must go to a couple of auditions to ensure they are up to the work. Preferably expertly skilled vocalists ought to try out, even though we will encouraged anyone from any background.

Total Philadelphia will be provided, you would need to deliver amps, instruments as well as cabling. Appear in the function is going to be handled by our in-house group. They’ve got completed appear for several in our earlier activities, and so are friendly as well as helpful, and more than prepared to support any issues you could have.

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